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General information


Our Micronation is situated in the southernmost part of the Region of Scania in Sweden. It is surrounded by the municipality of Trelleborg.

The former name of Sunset Micronation was "Sunset Federation" but it was changed when we officially became a Micronation on July 1, 2008.

We have our own flag, coat of arms (crest) and Princess - Melissa, who was born on September 2, 2008.

Princess Melissa is the Head of State and also the pride of our Micronation.

Sunset Micronation has a population of 3 people, who all live in the capitol, which is both a building and an area - called Sunset Hill. The full name is "Sunset Hill Capitol Building".

The administration consists of 12 departments (excluding SunSec - Sunset Security, which has a special status).

There are 14 areas or zones and 5 buildings in Sunset Micronation.

The property, that is Sunset Micronation today, was originally a part of the farm Vallaker. An area of 951 square meters became its own real estate in 1974.

The founders of Sunset Micronation bought the property (which nowadays has an area of approximately 1500 square meters) on July 2, 2007.

The Micronational Day is celebrated on July 1.

Our anthem is called "Det Vackraste" (The Most Beautiful).

Link to the article "Extended information about Sunset Micronation" on the official blog of Sunset Government.

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